How to use Informatica Power Center as a RESTful Web Service Client?


In today’s world DATA is ubiquitous and critical to the business which eventually increases the need for integration across different platforms like Cloud, Web Service etc.  When it comes to Data Integration, business needs effective communication between their software systems and ETL tool to fulfill their needs.

This blog post explains what a REST Web Service is, how you can create a Power Center workflow, use REST based method to access the web services via HTTP Transformation.

REST Overview

Web Service provides a common platform that allows two different applications on various platforms to communicate and exchange messages between them over HTTP protocol. Web Services can be accessed using different methods or styles. In Web Service world REpresentational  State Transfer(REST) is a stateless client-server architecture in which Web Services are exposed as URLs.  The typical method of accessing Web resource in a RESTful system is through various HTTP methods such as GET, POST, PUT and DELETE.

REST can use SOAP Web Services and any protocol such as HTTP, SOAP.


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